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Computer Hardware

With the growing use of computers, smartphones and internet Computer Hardware and Networking today is being considered as a fast-growing occupation. All kinds of companies like banks, financial institutions, Schools and almost all other companies require services of Hardware and networking experts.

Networking Essentials

People with IT and networking skills are in short supply across the globe. With fast changes in Technology where everything is connected on internet and the worked seems non existent without internet and connectivity, in such a scenario Networking plays a very important role. Most of the new technologies

Operating System Support

Operating Systems or the “OS” is an important component of any computer and hence it becomes essential that as a technical or IT support individual one should have the knowledge of the Operating Systems as the basic job of an IT expert would include installing, configuring, and updating hardware and software,

Printer & Copier Repairing

We’re dedicated to getting down to the root of whatever issue your printer, copier or scanner is having in order to fix it for good. Sick and tired of constantly calling in your old service provider for laser printer repair in ITSC?

CCTV Installation & Service

We commit to provide Training the highest quality product with the latest technology to enable our customers to perform their business successfully……

Mobile Repairing

ITSC conducts advanced mobile repairing course for students as well as professionals who wish to make a career in handset servicing. It covers repairs of all major brands of mobile phones.

Laptop Maintenance

In this world of rapidly growing technology. In recent years, the usage of Laptop and PC has been enhanced rapidly all over the world. No task is completed without a computer or Laptop.

Server Setup & Upgrade

Replace or upgrade your current server to get the most out of available server technology today.

Upcoming Courses

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Mother Board Chip Level

Spoken English

Website Design & Hosting